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Update & add your support for the bus trial

Last night’s meeting went well. One thing about SGS committee is that all those decisions must be signed off by the full council in two weeks time, so there could still be some minor changes to what was passed last night. Having said that, I don’t think there will be any big surprises…

The parking plan was approved, so you can expect those changes to come into effect on 1 December 2012.

The Graffiti policy was approved for advertising so as to give the community an opportunity to have a detailed say about it. This will then come back to council with that feedback for a final council decision. These things take time!

My pet project – the bus diversion trial – was approved, thanks to everyone who gave me feedback this week about it. It was good to be able to share that with the others on committee. Now we are going to arrange a meeting with the PTA to discuss it with them.

Andrew Sullivan raised a good point, which was also added to the final motion from council about the bus redirection trial.

The City is required to develop a “Structure Plan” that lays out the long term planning of the physical make up of our city. This is required by state government as part of Directions 2031 and is being undertaken by council over the next few months. We will be updating and revising the different land use areas throughout the city and looking at appropriate transport connections for those areas. This process will include consideration of the best public transport routes through the CBD, and this trial will help to inform that process. So the findings of the bus redirection trial – should go ahead – will be provided to the Fremantle Union and will be used to help inform the structure planning for Fremantle.

Now we just need to convince the Public Transport Authority!

If you want to voice your support for the trial – leave your name and comment (optional) in the comments below and I will take them with me to meet with the PTA.


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