Transformational Moves for Freo

COF_Freo_2029_Transformational_Moves-2-1Fremantle Council launched the “Freo 2029 Transformational Moves” report this week.

This is a document years in the collective making. It compiles all the major plans and projects, vision and ideas that have been proposed and developed by community members, state governments, the Port, the PTA and the Council. It brings them all together into a coherent vision for where we are heading as a city and reflects what the people of Fremantle have expressed they want to see through various consultation processes held over recent years.

It is not a pipedream, but a program of works to help us implement this collective vision for Fremantle.

When laid out in a single document, Freo 2029 shows the Transformational Moves that have been developed to become a thriving vibrant destination and community once more. It shows that the collective plans are in place and if all the players involved – the landowners and developers, the state government and the council get to work on implementing these moves – we will make our CBD a liveable city of an international standard.

Some of the highlights include

an expanded Esplanade with the rail crossing aligned to Norfolk St

an expanded Esplanade with the rail crossing aligned to Norfolk St

  • Expanding the Esplanade Reserve to align with Norfolk street, which would be extended across the railway to the Fishing Boat Harbour – completing our CBD “ring road” for easy access and a multistory car park where the Italian Club currently sits, with the Italian Club and park-side café incorporated in the design (see the photo on the right).
  • Relocating the Bus Interchange to open the Train Station Forecourt to the City via Market St and Queen Streets, with an upgraded public square and Pioneer Park in the forecourt (see the photo below for the potential view down Queen St).
  • Extending the Boardwalk across Bathers Beach to connect with the Maritime Museum and a new commercial area on Victoria Quay that is linked back to the CBD via Market Street.
  • Diversifying safe, efficient transport option in and around the CBD, eventually streamlining local public transport to include light rail to service all the new people living, working, playing and visiting our city.
Queen Street looking towards the train station

Queen Street looking towards the train station

The council has already begun, with the Transformation of Bathers Beach, the upgrade of the Cappuccino Strip and High St, new festivals and events, the forthcoming renewal of the High Street Mall, and the redevelopment of Kings Square, which will get underway this year if the State Government commits to come to the party.

The Transformative Moves set out in Freo 2029 show that Fremantle’s renewal is a genuine part of The Bigger Picture. If private investors want to reap the rewards on offer, the time to take action is now. If the State Government starts investing in implementing the plans it’s devised for Fremantle the whole state will benefit.

Fremantle is WA’s historical second city, it can reclaim that position in a contemporary setting with these Transformational Moves. We have listened to what people want to see in our city, I believe that the people of Fremantle will rejoice in this enhancement of our gorgeous city, its natural and built beauty and its creative and vibrant community.

What do you think?