This Christmas, give presence

In recent days I’ve heard many people comment about the stress they feel regarding Christmas shopping. Christmas can lead to financial stress, has huge environmental impact and can cause distress trying to find the “right” gift.

So this year, why not try giving the gift of your presence?

A few years ago I developed a game that is carefully designed to be fun and reflect the true meaning of Christmas – that is sharing time and feelings with loved ones; reminiscing, feeling love and loved and having fun and creating new memories to be cherished.

“Christmas Presence” is a game that replicates the gift giving ritual, while adding in an element of uncertainty and surprise, and encourages participants to share kind thoughts, feelings and memories. 

I have now played it many times, and it works a treat! My friends and family got into the intended spirit of the game and there was much laughter, tears and teamwork. In the following days, most of my family said it was the highlight of their Christmas celebration! I have also adapted it to play for work functions and birthday parties with excellent feedback.

To get started, follow the instructions in the attached document. You are encouraged to adapt the instructions or make up your own. You can also adapt the game for other events eg Birthday Presence, Wedding Presence etc. or update it each year with your own new ideas.

I hope that “Christmas Presence” will be shared, adapted and enjoyed my many.

This game is Copyleft: share widely, but not for profit.

DOWNLOAD HERE: The Christmas Presence Game (CopyLeft Rachel Pemberton 2018)

I hope you’ll give it a go!

PS. Of course you can still buy presents for loved ones, but I encourage you to buy local, ethical and sustainable wherever possible.