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Implementing the South Beach swimming zone

south-beach-pontoonThe South Beach Swimming Zone has been gazzetted and is now in force.

The revised South Metro Boating Guide for the region identifies the swimming zone the full length of South Beach (and little dog beach), so motorized vessels are no longer permitted within 125m of the shoreline.

The Department of Transport has been increasing awareness of the new swimming zone through social media and their education activities. They will also be doing regular patrols of the area.

Today I saw boats parked a safe distance off South Beach, they seemed to be respecting the new rule.

It can be hard to work out what is 125m from shore (especially with the tide going in and out) but as a general rule, you should be able to swim groyne to groyne (and go a little off course) without the fear of running into a boat or being hit by one. Sadly, there were a few jet skis zooming around within the swimming zone today.

Here’s what you can do if a motorized vessel is within the swimming zone:

  1. politely let them know about the swimming zone, as they may not be aware of it (you can point to the signs on the groyne and also the Boating Guide)
  2. contact the Water Police Coordination Centre on 9442 8600 to report the non-compliance and request a patrol vessel
  3. submit a Marine Safety Compliant Form with photos of the vessel to DoT for investigation and possible prosecution

The swimming zone is a wonderful addition to South Beach, making boating and swimming safer for everyone. Let’s help spread the word so there is minimal conflict between users so everyone can enjoy the beach safely this summer.

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