Queen Victoria, Adelaide and Parry Street plan

If you have ever tried to cross the rood on foot here, you will know it is nearly impossible to do safely. Cyclists entering the city also run the gauntlet sharing the road with cars and buses as they negotiate the asymmetrical intersection, often at speed. It is also an important gateway into the CBD and the slower traffic environment. As more residents move into the eastern end of the CBD, along Queen Victoria Street, they need a safe way to be able walk and ride to the centre of Fremantle, the train and bus station.

This is why the City of Fremantle has developed a plan, and secured Perth Bike Network funding, to upgrade the intersection. The draft plan will be discussed at the Strategic Planning and Transport Committee tonight. Further community consultation and detailed design work will then take place, with construction planned for the following financial year.

See the QV Parry St Intersection Upgrade Concept Here 

The detailed concept plan, shown below, includes wider footpaths, realigning curbs so that the crossing distance is reduced, removing unnecessary slip lanes and improving bike lanes. It also includes better protection for the historic Proclamation Tree, a new tree and more landscaping, seating and a new entry into Princess May Park

The concept will be open for public comment soon, but in the meantime, feel free to leave your feedback below.

3 thoughts on “Queen Victoria, Adelaide and Parry Street plan

  1. Stupid idea. It closes direct access and exit Adelaide st. THIS should be the GALA entry, not closed or bottle necked. Gateway closed by looks of this plan.
    AGAIN Fremantle Council is so preoccupied with bikes, it forgets the invitation to ALL, and how to flow traffic into an area.

    • Hi Frank, thanks for your feedback. You make a valid point, however the Integrated Transport Strategy aims to encourage people to park around the city centre and not within it (unless necessary), which is why we’re building new carparks on Parry St so that the city centre is a slow speed, low traffic area with pedestrian priority. People who need to drive into the centre still can, but this is a visual cue for people to slow down in the urban centre.

  2. I fully support upgrading this intersection. I use a motorised scooter to get around and need to use these horrible lights three times a week. If you think it’s bad for a normal person walking through, try it with a vision impairment. I was almost run over by a bus (not his fault).

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