Plastic free Sunset Markets

I am really proud to be working with the wonderful Georgie Adeane from the South Beach Sunset Markets to make the food market ‘plastic free’ this summer.

Georgie and I hope this initiative will be embraced by customers who will welcome her environmentally responsible approach in the sensitive South Beach environment.

“I’ve asked stall holders to use biodegradable packaging only, wherever possible, which can be composted along with the food waste in green bins,” said Markets operator Georgie Adeane.
“I’ll also be providing a water dispenser and reusable cups that can be washed after use to reduce waste and people are welcome to bring their own containers and cutlery to use.”
plastic-free-beachThe convenience of single use plastic comes at a huge environmental cost. It creates litter and accumulates in our ocean and kills wildlife. The City of Fremantle is currently developing a sustainable events policy so events run by the council or in our venues or reserves do not contribute to this catastrophe.
I applaud Georgie for taking the initiative and leading the way to reduce single use plastic and litter. I think it will make the Sunset Markets experience even better.
Plastic waste is a huge problem because it never really goes away. It doesn’t biodegrade like organic materials such as wood and paper. Instead, over time plastic just breaks into smaller and smaller pieces. The environmental impacts resulting from the accumulation of plastic waste are increasing every day.
The University of WA’s Julia Reisser says every square kilometre of Australian surface sea water is contaminated by around 4,000 tiny pieces of plastic. Most of the particles were a result of a breakdown of disposable products such as water bottles, plastic cups and fishing gear. Each year over 100,000 marine animals and one million birds die from ingesting and choking on plastic.
Alternative biodegradable packaging products are now readily available, widely used and don’t cost the earth (or a small fortune). There is no reason to continue to use outdated plastics.
The markets, which were held at Bathers Beach for the past three years have been a huge success and have relocated to South Beach where they can grow further. The new markets will feature around 40 stalls with food from around the world, live family friendly entertainment and the best sunsets on the planet.
The Sunset Markets will run from 5pm to 9pm on Saturdays from November 28 on the lawns at South Beach, South Fremantle. 
I can’t wait to enjoy the delicious food in this stunning new location knowing that the plastic waste has been minimised. I hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Plastic free Sunset Markets

  1. Great to hear Freo is continuing to make the effort to eliminate plastic from public events; despite state government “road blocks”!

  2. About 9 years ago we catered for 120 people at my daughters wedding with 100% compostable containers and cutlery. After a bit of research we found ones that were very attractive and not a lot more expensive than plastic. Made of bamboo.

    It should have improved since then. I can find details but I’m camping in Margaret River this weekend.

    Not suitable for very slow eaters though!

  3. It’s good to see that markets in Freo are taking a lead in the plastic free movement. What a shame the Freo Council couldn’t get their ‘ no more single use plastic bags’ passed by the WA Parliament – what a no brainer. Bunnings got rid of plastic bags years ago and the sky didn’t fall in and it seems there are still plenty of customers!

    Sunset Markets might need to be careful not to confuse people using the term biodegrade, some of the dog poo bags are labeled like this and they are plastic. The very bags which break down into micros plastic. Compostable is what is needed or better still BYO plates and bowls.

    Looking forward to a balmy summer meal at the beach soon.
    United we stand.
    Kathy Anketell
    Growers Green Farmers Market Convenor

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