Perth Freight Link – motion

A motion on the Perth Freight Link passed unanimuosly at the Strategic and General Services Committee Meeting 17 June 2015 (page 69-70 of the minutes)

That Council:

  1. Rejects the State Government proposals for Sections 1 and 2 of the Perth Freight Link as there is insufficient planning and analysis of the many serious and negative implications associated with these proposals, and as it contradicts the planning that has been in place for many years.

  1. Notes that analysis of the proposed Perth Freight Link shows it suffers from a number of clear and serious faults, including but not limited to the fact that the project:
    • Is contrary to many decades of accepted planning for freight transport in the Metropolitan region;
    • Undermines the development of Latitude 32 and the Kwinana Intermodal Terminal as key parts of Perth’s freight strategy and the Outer Harbour;
    • Raises questions that have not been adequately answered in relation to the proposed sale of the Port of Fremantle;
    • Has severe impacts on the Beeliar Wetland and Banksia Woodlands;
    • Negatively impacts the urban renewal of both the City of Fremantle and the Town of East Fremantle by undermining their economic development through the creation of an effective “by-pass”;
    • Severing communities within Fremantle from the CBD and essential facilities including schools;
    • Creates uncertainty as to how the proposed river crossing might affect claimed travel-time benefits and the resulting cost/benefit assessment;
    • Undermines the viability of achieving the long-held aspirational target of putting 30% of freight on rail;
    • Puts additional pressure on failing intersections;
    • Substantially increases diesel particulates with damaging long term health effects;
    • Increases truck flows down Curtin Avenue;
    • Fractures North Fremantle and causes congestion at the port’s entrance;
    • Interdicts access by tourists and local beach users from access to and through North Fremantle; and
    • Involves poorly examined construction logistics with little or no analysis of their community and local economic impacts.
  1. Supports the planning and development of the Outer Harbour as a freight planning and infrastructure priority that is in keeping with many decades of settled freight transport and urban planning.
  1. Commits to working collaboratively with other local governments, community groups and stakeholders to oppose State Government proposals for Sections 1 and 2 of the Perth Freight Link.
  1. Requests the CEO develop a community engagement and advocacy plan.
  1. Request the State government put the current Perth Freight Link Request for Proposals process on hold, including the demolition of any homes, while long term freight planning is given due regard, and demonstrably better freight options are considered and developed, including through consultation with all relevant stakeholders.