Pedestrian safety a priority

I’m a pedant for pedestrian safety and amenity.

During my last term on council, I managed to get pedestrian crossing signals installed at the corner of High Street and Ord Street, and the corner of Hampton Road and Wray Ave. At present, I am working to get pedestrian signals installed at the corner of South Street and Hampton Road, and also on Marine Terrace at the crossing to South Beach at Scott Street.

I have also been successful in getting two zebra crossings installed on Marine Terrace at the Esplanade Reserve. I am currently working to get a zebra crossing on Parry Street and the roundabout outside the Fremantle Markets and Fremantle Oval, and a resident also suggested a zebra crossing on Ord Street outside the Fremantle Arts Centre and Fremantle Leisure Centre, which I agree is a great idea.

I successfully got $100,000 included in this year’s budget to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety as part of a resurfacing project on Ord Street. It will make crossing at Knustford Street much more safe.  I also worked with the Friends of Hampton and Ord (FoHO) and City staff to undertake a comprehensive plan to upgrade to pedestrian crossings along Hampton Road.

I also got pram ramps installed at a number of locations, including Little High Street, Queen Victoria Street and Loukes Street to ensure safe and easy crossing.

There has been some confusion about the Wombat Crossing on Wray Avenue, so I suggested to staff they do a public information campaign including a short video to explain to road users how they should approach a Wombat crossing. The intention is to create a slow speed environment where both pedestrians and drivers look out for each other and proceed with caution and courtesy. You may ask why not put a zebra crossing instead? Zebra crossings require a consistently high level of pedestrian movements, and if you achieve that, you then need to install significant lighting, so cars can see pedestrians clearly at night. This is costly, and also intrusive to local residents who live adjacent, so it was decided that a Wombat crossing was more suitable in this scenario.

I am also working in collaboration with Fremantle Primary School to get create a slow speed environment on Attfield street and a safe crossing for students moving between the two school campuses.

Many of these projects were initiated by requests from the community, and they all involve community consultation, liaison with Main Roads and City staff, as well as securing funding in the Council budget, by persuading the rest of the Council to support the initiative. I am very proud to have achieved these safety improvements on behalf of the community.