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Perth Freight Link – motion

A motion on the Perth Freight Link passed unanimuosly at the Strategic and General Services Committee Meeting 17 June 2015 (page 69-70 of the minutes)

That Council:

  1. Rejects the State Government proposals for Sections 1 and 2 of the Perth Freight Link as there is insufficient planning and analysis of the many serious and negative implications associated with these proposals, and as it contradicts the planning that has been in place for many years.

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See the Urban Forest for the Trees

Booyeembarra Park - by Garry Gillard www.garrygillard.net

Booyeembarra Park – by Garry Gillard www.garrygillard.net

See the urban forest for the trees

It has been expressed many times within the local media, in community debates, in the Freo 2029 community visioning process and in café conversation: Fremantle people love our beautiful parks, our pristine beaches, the majestic trees and soft landscapes. They breathe life into our city and joy into our lives and we want to keep and care for what we have and add more green spaces where and when we can. Read more »

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Transformational Moves for Freo

COF_Freo_2029_Transformational_Moves-2-1Fremantle Council launched the “Freo 2029 Transformational Moves” report this week.

This is a document years in the collective making. It compiles all the major plans and projects, vision and ideas that have been proposed and developed by community members, state governments, the Port, the PTA and the Council. It brings them all together into a coherent vision for where we are heading as a city and reflects what the people of Fremantle have expressed they want to see through various consultation processes held over recent years. Read more »

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A contemporary role for Traditional Owners in Freo

Last week the Fremantle Council adopted its One Planet Living Strategy – a comprehensive plan for how the City of Fremantle plans to improve the quality of live while simultaneously reducing our use of the earth’s resources. (Read all the detail on pages 89 – 109 here.)

I added a specific goal to the “Culture and Heritage” principle that is close to my heart, that we:

“Establish policy and procedures to adopt best practice engagement and consultation with Traditional Owners by October 2015.”

Len Collard opened the new council in October 2013 - the first time a Traditional Owner has been invited to do so.

Len Collard opened the new Council in October 2013 – the first time a Traditional Owner has been invited to do so.

In 2011 Council endorsed terms of reference for an Aboriginal Working Group that had four aims,

1. Representation of Aboriginal people on Council.

– Work with council to pass on knowledge which may influence the decision making function of the Elected Members.
– To investigate and recommend a formal mechanism to ensure ongoing Aboriginal representation on Council Read more »

Sep 27, 2013 - News    2 Comments

Why I’m Fighting for Freo

The proposed amalgamation between Melville, East Fremantle and Fremantle (plus part of Canning!) has prompted me to think about the practical and tangible differences that such a change to our local governance might make.

It is not simply because Freo is special and has a ‘unique vibe’ that we want to protect, there are potential changes to planning, budget and governance structures that may greatly concern some Freo community members because our values are different to Melville’s. Read more »

Apr 24, 2013 - News    13 Comments

skating: the issue

The proposed skate park or ‘youth plaza’ on the Esplanade has been a complex and contentious local issue that I have spent much time considering and discussing over the last few months, with numerous people, in order to come to my own position. I have attempted to explain that position here.

I have found this issue challenging as I support a youth facility on the Esplanade, in a safe and open space that is well used and therefore safe, inclusive and welcoming. However, I also love the open space and quiet parkland that the Esplanade provides so close to the city centre. However, this issue should be considered in isolation, but in the broader context of the whole city and our contemporary issues we face. Read more »

Feb 27, 2013 - News    Comments Off on Tired of Matthew

Tired of Matthew

Matthew Hanssen, the Liberal candidate for Fremantle, started his speech at the freo debate last night with a whinge about how ‘tired’ he is of Fremantle – citing various complaints for which he lays blame entirely with the council. This seems to be the sole platform of his campaign.

However, he entirely fails to suggest anything he has done, or would do to address these issues that he raises.

He fails to mention anything that his party’s government has done, or would do to address these concerns. Read more »

Nov 18, 2012 - Development, News    3 Comments

Kings Square redevelopment plan

Public comment is now being sought on the bold proposal to upgrade Kings Square and the surrounding buildings.

For the past 12 months, the Council and staff have been working to scope this project to make sure that it will deliver the kind of high quality buildings, public open space and new employment opportunities that Fremantle rightfully deserves and demands. I can confidently say that I think this project will deliver outcomes that most people would be very pleased to see.

To me, the image published on the cover of the Herald (16/11/12) was not the best impression of what is being planned. I have posted some others here – so you can a better sense of what is in store. Read more »

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Update & add your support for the bus trial

Last night’s meeting went well. One thing about SGS committee is that all those decisions must be signed off by the full council in two weeks time, so there could still be some minor changes to what was passed last night. Having said that, I don’t think there will be any big surprises…

The parking plan was approved, so you can expect those changes to come into effect on 1 December 2012.

The Graffiti policy was approved for advertising so as to give the community an opportunity to have a detailed say about it. This will then come back to council with that feedback for a final council decision. These things take time!

My pet project – the bus diversion trial – was approved, thanks to everyone who gave me feedback this week about it. It was good to be able to share that with the others on committee. Now we are going to arrange a meeting with the PTA to discuss it with them. Read more »

Oct 7, 2012 - News    15 Comments

Problem solving parking in Freo

The parking challenges in Freo are sometimes overstated but clearly people are being caught out with hefty fines and there is some room for improvement.  A Council working group was formed to develop strategies to make parking work better for residents and visitors alike. These initiatives are coming to this week’s SGS meeting for debate on Wednesday 10 October.

Night time parking fees

I’m pleased that one of my campaign suggestions was adopted – to make night time street parking a flat rate all night. If this gets approved, you will only need to pay a maximum of $4 to park on the street at night in Freo, regardless of how long you stay. You wont need to go back to your car to feed the meter.

More half-hour free parking in the east end Read more »