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Can we get container trucks off Hampton Road?

A container truck on Hampton Road at rush hour

A container truck on Hampton Road at rush hour

Every day, about 220 trucks like these barrel down Hampton Road.

They thunder past homes, schools, cafes, ovals, shops and heritage buildings as they take a short cut to the Port.

Today’s container trucks are too big to be passing through our urban and residential areas so frequently.

These massive trucks make our local roads more congested, less safe and noisy. They emit diesel particulate pollution that affects nearby residents and anyone passing by. The schools on either side of Hampton Road, mean that children must play dodge with these container trucks each day on their way to and from school.

Council staff have investigated a number of traffic calming options that would deter trucks on Hampton Road, however anything we do has to allow for a 19 m freight vehicles – therefore defeating the purpose: unless we ban container freight from using this road.

Fremantle Council is seeking a ban on container freight vehicles on Hampton Road – similar to the one on South Street. To achieve this we need a petition to Parliament that demonstrates the public support for a such a ban.

Please show your support for getting containers off Hampton Road by signing this petition.

The 2012 ‘Fremantle Container Port Movement Study’ found that 26% of the freight going out of the Port is coming from Henderson / Kwinana / Naval Base.

This is only going to get worse if the Perth Freight Link is built.

Why pay a toll and travel further when traveling between Fremantle Port to the industrial area in Henderson or Naval Base if you can avoid it?

Council is working to get Hampton Road removed from the state route system as well as a ban on container trucks on Hampton Road. This petition will enable us to implement better traffic calming measures and make it safer for all of us.

Please sign the petition and spread the word.

Click the links above or visit to sign. The petition will be delivered to the WA Legislative Council by Lynn MacLaren, so it gets full consideration by the Environment Committee.


  • Can we please have a commercial harbor in Kwinana where it belongs? If the US turned their industry ound to suit WW2 in 3 years that’s a walk in the park for us. Come on WA!!!!

  • I agree with Pernille. C Y O`Connor converted the mouth of the Swan river into a port because that was the most convenient thing to do some 100 years ago. Why we still try and maintain that old antiquated port and it`s infrastructure is ludicrous. The government could flog it off to private developers, make squillions and build a new port in Cockburn sound.
    It`s a no brainer!!! .