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Green Plan gets the go ahead

pioneer-park-market-st-sideCouncil has approved the draft 2020 Green Plan for public advertising and community feedback over coming weeks.

The aims of the 2020 Green Plan include reaching 20% tree canopy coverage by 2020 – up from 12% today, and ensuring every resident is within 400m (walking distance) of a useable park or public open space.

The Plan sets out a course of work to be done by the City of Fremantle to achieve this and $200,000 is in the 2015/16 budget to commence this work immediately. But before we get started, we want to hear from you. The community comment period will open this week for 6 weeks – so have your say from September 30.

The short-term actions in the 2020 Green Plan include:

  • Design and construct new public open space (POS) and/or open space in the priority areas of Hilton, O’Connor and White Gum Valley, so that every resident is within 400m of useable green space
  • Five hectares of new POS is already planned as part of new development within the city
  • Grants and support will be offered to “Friends of” groups, community gardens and community initiatives that help green our city
  • Aim to increase tree canopy (trees 3m or over in height) from 12% in 2015 to 20% in 2020
  • Draft an Urban Forest Strategy that includes mechanisms for the protection or replacement of trees on private land
  • Grey water reuse is being investigated at Leighton beach facilities and ground water recharge at the Leisure Centre will be considered to keep our adjacent parks green
  • Investigate and identify options to improve quality and/or expand functional POS within 400m of future high density development

How we go about protecting trees on private land was a key issue raised by many in the community and in the early consultation stage of this plan. This is the most challenging and vexed issue, but will be addressed as one of the first steps in the Green Plan’s implementation, which is to develop an Urban Forest Strategy.

Other key issues include community collaboration of the design and upgrade of local parks – which has already been successful in Gold Street and Fremantle Primary School and is now proposed to be adopted as policy.

City Ward is the most green

Interestingly, investigations undertaken as part of the Green Plan review found that suburb of Fremantle has the largest amount of Public Open Space within the City of Fremantle, with a total of 131 hectares.

Central Fremantle also has the greatest total cover of vegetation (170.7ha) and greatest cover of vegetation taller than 3m (77.7ha).

State Planning Policy recommends that 3.36ha of POS is provided per 1000 residents. The City of Fremantle currently provides more than that, with 3.5ha per 1000 residents. However, if we meet our target population growth, the provision of a POS ratio per 1000 residents could be reduced to 3.28ha per 1000 residents.

Therefore to maintain our level of service provision we need to plan for new POS now.

This will be done through structure plans, subdivision and use of underutilized land and alternative methods a required. The Green Plan imbeds this need for Council to be cognizant of when making planning decisions in the future.

This week, the Council will approve the Green Plan 2020 so that it can be advertised for public comment. The Executive Summary is published here.

I plan to hold a community information session and discussion about the Green Plan at Replants on Tuesday 6 October at 6.30pm.

Come along to find out more and make your voice heard. RSVP here.

Special thanks to the expert community members who contributed to the Green Plan 2020: Dr Martin Anda, Dr Paula Hooper, Clinton Matthews, Francis Burke and Luke Priddle.


  • I am happy about this however it is not just about trees! we need substantial plantings of lower story shrubs, not just green trees such as Norfolk pines that don’t provide flowers. The honeyeaters need nectar. Why not plant Banksia menziesii en masse in Esplanade Park by the railway?If you plant good stock they are phytophthora free! Talk to an agency who has expertise in native plants to get a strategy for fremantle…Kings Park

  • Nice work. Keep it up!