For the record

For the sake of transparency, and to lay some incorrect assumptions to rest, below is the list of donations I received as part of my election campaign. 

John Butler and Danielle Caruana $2000

Paddy Pemberton                             $1000

Roy Lewisson                                     $1000

Scott Ludlam                                      $1000

Greens WA                                         $750

Trish Cowcher and Rob Guthrie      $500

Sonya Pemberton                             $500

Crowd funding                                  $765


I’d like to thank those who contributed so generously to my campaign.

This information is available upon request from the CEO, but in the interest of transparency I am disclosing tis publicly here.

I would also like to thank my team of volunteers who generously contributed their time: James Eggelson, Jean-Paul Horre, Helen Hewitt, Tim Darby, Annie Matan, Louise Edmonds, Pat and Paul Winnacott, Bill Sinclair, Ildiko Padanyi, Trish Cowcher and my dad, Paddy Pemberton. Thanks also to Chris at Lenny the Ox, Bruce at Replants and Clinton at Renovohas for their in-kind support.

This was a local grass roots campaign and I couldn’t have done it with out the help of these fine individuals. I am very grateful for the support and encouragement I received, plus of course the support from the voters of City Ward.

Thanks – I hope I make you proud.