Community Safety and Crime Prevention in Freo

This month, the Council will sign off on the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan for 2019-24. The comprehensive plan, which was developed in consultation with over 500 stakeholders and residents over the past 6 months, includes a range of strategies to reduce crime and anti social behaviour in Fremantle.

A critical element of the strategy is the Community Safety Officers. Officers conduct security patrols of the CBD and surrounding suburbs using bicycles and vehicles and are on duty from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm, seven days a week, and until 2.00 am on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

The City’s officers strive to be the first responders to anti-social or nuisance behaviour and low level criminal activity such as street drinking and shop lifting. As part of council’s zero tolerance approach to criminal, anti-social and nuisance behaviour, the City of Fremantle has authorised the Community Safety team to issue infringements for street drinking and nuisance behaviour in public places under an existing local law. They also deal with animal issues.

If you require assistance, the City’s Community Safety Officers can be contacted on 1300 360 666.

In the last financial year (2018-19), the Community Safety Officers dealt with the following:

6,374     Phone calls to the Community Safety number – includes CBD and Suburbs.
679        What’s app messages from business in the CBD for various reasons, including
shoplifting (since early 2019)
523        Begging in the CBD
1,524     Antisocial behaviour in the CBD
285        Retail theft from CBD businesses
692        Homeless, where the comsafe team have interacted with a homeless/rough
sleepers in the CBD and provided them information regarding support services in
Fremantle and Perth.
90          Dog attacks
142        Wandering and lost dogs
119        Cat impoundment
656        Litter Offences

The City uses a What’s App group for CBD businesses with real time communication between businesses and the Safety Team and CCTV room to combat crime and antisocial behaviour in the CBD with great success. Stolen items are often retrieved and shoplifters arrested, anti social behaviour can be stopped quickly and persons of interest are monitored as the move about the city. The number plate recognition capability of new CCTV cameras have already led to arrests.

The feedback on the Community Safety officers from local business has been very positive, for example:

The City acknowledges the crime and safety issues in Fremantle and is working hard to address them. $2 million a year is spent on community safety. If you want to find out more,  download the Community_Safety___Crime_Prevention_Plan_2019-24.