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City playgrounds get upgrades

Last freo primarynight Council approved upgrades to four playgrounds, including two in the City Ward.

My old school, Fremantle Primary School will get a $143,000 upgrade to the park on the corner of Stevens and Brennan Streets. This is a key local park and playground for inner city residents as well as the school. 

Some may remember the big beautiful Morton Bay fig tree got sick and died a couple of years ago. This was because of residual chemicals underground from the parks former use as a dump.

Since then the site has been cleaned up and council staff have worked with the school, P&C and local residents to plan a playground that will meet the needs of its users and also ensure protection form any residual underground waste. The final soil sampling, capping and environmental approvals will take place next month, then construction will commence in November.

See the plans for the park here: Freo Primary Park Upgrade

The children’s playground on Stevens Reserve will also be replaced and a shade cloth will be added for sun protection. Upgrades to Bruce Lee Oval, Davis Park and Hollis Park were also confirmed to take place this financial year by Council.

The big picture changes in our city is often what attracts all the attention, but we are still making sure the small stuff – the stuff that makes a real difference in peoples day to day lives – also get done. I look forward to seeing the parks finished and being put to good use by children (young and old) soon.



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