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Bus-Free Cappuccino Strip over summer?

I have proposed that council supports a trial to keep all buses – except the CAT – off the cappuccino strip over summer. What do you think?

Below is the Notice of Motion that will be debated on Wednesday 10 October:

That the Council requests that the Public Transport Authority continues the current service deviation of bus routes 98, 99, 511, 513, 520, 530, 531, 532, 825, 920 in place due to road works underway on the “Cappuccino Strip” (Market Street and the northern end of South Terrace) as a trial over summer.

The CAT bus will resume its route along the cappuccino strip as soon as possible.

The buses – Routes 98, 99, 511, 513, 520, 530, 531, 532, 825, 920 – will to continue to divert along Parry Street, Elder Street and Phillimore Street (as outlined on the PTA website and copied below) from the beginning of the Fremantle Festival (Sunday 28 October) until the end of the Street Arts Festival (Easter Monday 2013).

During the trial, evidence will be collected to monitor the impact of the bus diversion on:

– the effect on traffic flow in the CBD

– bus passengers

– traders and

– community feedback


Details of the redirection from the Transperth website
Routes 98, 99, 511, 513, 520, 530, 531, 532, 825, 920 – Service Deviation


Effective: From Monday 24 September 2012 until further notice

On Monday 24 September 2012 until further notice, the above mentioned routes will deviate due to road closures on South Terrace.

Services will deviate as follows:

Routes 98, 99, 511, 513, 520, 530, 531, 532, 825 and 920

To Fremantle Station: Services will travel normal route along South Terrace, deviate right Parry Street, left Elder Street/Phillimore Street and right into Fremantle Station.

Passengers are advised that the following bus stops will not be in use during these times:

    10468 (South Terrace, after Parry Street)

    10469 (South Terrace, before High Street).

The nearest available bus stop during these times will be a temporary bus stop 20304 (Parry Street, after South Terrace).

From Fremantle Station: Services will travel normal route from Fremantle Station and then deviate left Elder Street/Phillimore Street, right Parry Street, left South Terrace to resume normal route.

Passengers are advised that bus stop 16980 (South Terrace, before Parry Street) will not be in use during these times.

The nearest available bus stop during these times will be bus stop 10454 (Fremantle Hospital – Blue CAT Stop 4).



There is currently more than 800 bus movements along the Cappuccino Strip every day.

Since the road works, and associated bus redirection commenced, I have had feedback from various sources that the reduction in traffic noise and fumes has greatly improved the amenity, safety and enjoyment of the area. There is little reason for the buses to go through the social centre of town. The temporary stops on Parry Street are only approximately 100m from the existing stop outside the markets on South Terrace, thus it is not that much further to walk.

By continuing to run the CAT Bus on the Cappuccino Strip, it will ensure that those with mobility concerns and visitors will still have good access to the strip and other key city destinations. The CAT bus will also enable easy connections to the transit bus routes via the train station and the stops outside the hospital. However this will reduce the bus movements along the strip to once every 10 – 15 minutes in each direction.

The upgrades underway on South Terrace and Market Street are designed to make it safer and more pleasant for people. We do not plan to close it off to cars entirely any time soon, however we do want to shift their dominance of the space.

Council has a request in with Main Roads to reduce the speed limit to 30km per hour, which – combined with the new raised paved area at the corner of Market Street / South Terrace and the planter boxes with trees down the centre of the road – it may not be the best route for buses anyway?

But perhaps I am wrong. That is why I am suggesting that this be a trial over the summer. I think this is a great opportunity for a test drive 🙂 what do you think?


This issue will be debated at the Council’s Strategic and General Services committee meeting on Wednesday 10 October. I welcome your feedback on the idea before then, or during the trial should it go ahead.


  • Great idea and fully supported by me. I think 2 related things:

    1. Need to improve the way finding, signage and story to bring people who catch buses to both Kings Square and Capuccinno Strip.
    2. Think about (in the long term) only having one way (the way the CAT bus goes) from Market to Norfolk and broadening the bike, pedestrian and alfresco area. M

  • This is an excellent idea Rachel, the bus route through the cappuccino strip is unnecessary and unpleasant. If this proposal is accepted, alfresco dinners can enjoy a meal (and a wine) without the intermittent lurking of a 10 tonne behemoth only a table spacing away. Also summer bike riders will breath a sigh of relief, as the buses have a tendency to rub up against cyclists as they impatiently accelerate by.

    Perhaps in addition to this trial buses could also circumvent Wray Ave. As the length of road outside Gelati & Son’s is not only already highly trafficked and often congested by cars, but also by shoppers with shopping trolleys. Circumventing Wray Ave could be achieved by sending buses further south along South Tce and turning them east up South St. Perhaps utilizing the bus stop on South St near the Hampton Rd intersection as the deviation stop.

  • I think this is a great idea Rachel and one I fully support. I walked down there this morning and asked myself this very question; if the buses are already diverted why not keep it that way? I imagine many other local community members have shared that exact thought. I think as long as people are adequately informed of the change and the new bus routes, it will be a great improvement to the Cappuccino Strip. On a personal note, as a person who cycles down this road every day I will enjoy not having to compete with, impatient and sorry to say sometimes bike ignorant buses ..

  • I think this trial sounds like a really good idea Rachel, and a very smart and sensible approach to exploring potential ways of reducing traffic noise and fumes along the Cappuccino Strip. Personally I love the idea of only the smaller CAT buses travelling along South Terrace. To sit on the footpath by the road eating a meal, and then experience the fumes and noise as a large bus travels by so close to you, has never been a lovely experience for me. I really hope this trial can happen, and if so I will look forward to reading the findings from it.

  • I think this is a great idea. A related issue is on the agenda for the Freo Futures discussion at ND on Thursday 11th. If the trial proves positive, then it would support the case for a complete pedestrianisation of the Strip.

    I favour having a transport strategy for Freo. I think it should have preceded the Amendment 49 process. Again this trial data can influence such a strategy.

  • There are three CAT routes: the Yellow CAT, the Red CAT and the Blue CAT, which replaced the City Clipper bus services on 23 September 1996; these CAT services are operated by Southern Coast Transit . A new Green CAT route will commence on 30 June 2013.