Bikes make dollars & cents!

As an avid cyclist and member of the Fremantle Bicycle Users Group, I appreciate the recent improvements to cycling facilities in Fremantle, but there is still work to do.

South Terrace, from the markets to Wray Avenue, is a death trap for cyclists. I witnessed one cyclist get hit by a bus at the lights and my colleague was hit by a bus outside the hospital. I ride the same stretch of road everyday and regularly feel at risk, especially from busses.

Cycle lanes will make it safer for cyclists and easier for cars – we shoud not have to wait for someone to die to make this happen.

If elected, I would also seek to introduce:

–          Weather proof bicycle parking at key locations 
            (with air pumps for tyre refills!)

–          A bicycle blackspot register

–          A part time Travelsmart Officer

–          Shared zones in Freo’s commercial and social centres – The Cappuccino Strip , West End and around the Town Hall

going places?

While the numerous health and environmental benefits of cycling have been well documented – it has now been shown that cycling infrastructure also has broad economic benefits – beyond those for the individual cyclist…

In Melbourne, it was found that replacing car parking with bike parking in shopping strips cycling generated 3.6 times more expenditure from visitors

It was calculated that each square metre allocated to bike parking generates $31 per hour, compared to just $6 generated for each square metre used for a car parking space with food/drink and clothing retailers benefiting the most from bike riders.

Meanwhile, a study in Baltimore* found that building bike lanes and pedestrian projects creates almost twice as many jobs than road projects.

The new cycleways in Sydney have had a positive effect on property prices and research in the US has shown a $5000 – $8000 increase in property prices for those properties adjacent to a bikeway#.

It has become clear that cycling infrastructure is excellent value and a good investment.

Increasing cycling also reduces congestion on our roads, pollution in the air, increases passive security with people out and about on the streets. It’s great for your health and easy on you wallet.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret – it means door to door service with no parking hassels!


* ESTIMATING THE EMPLOYMENT IMPACTS OF PEDESTRIAN, BICYCLE, AND ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE – CASE STUDY: BALTIMORE Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (December 2010)


4 thoughts on “Bikes make dollars & cents!

  1. The facts supporting cycling just keep stacking up. Health + environment + economy + social + community …….. the list is endless. I would love to see Freo leading the way as the #1 bike friendly city in Australia.

  2. I’m with you all the way Ray… but deary me, if you feel at risk sometimes, even more reason to wear a helmet! hit that head on the way down and you’re in trouble.

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