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Hi I’m Rachel,

I grew up in Fremantle. I went to John Curtin Senior High, used to busk at the markets and one of my first jobs was at Ginos. I love this city and have always been an active participant in Freo’s civic life since successfully lobbying Council as a ten year old for bins near the prison.

My professional life started as manager of Luna on SX. I have since completed studies in arts management, marketing, urban planning, sustainability and community engagement. I currently work part-time for Senator Scott Ludlam on Sustainable Cities. I also volunteer as a Board Member of ‘Be Living Smart’; a non-profit organisation delivering behaviour change for sustainability.

During my four years on Council, I have come to understand the complexities of the issues and opportunities our city faces. I work hard and listen to the diverse views of our community.

I am proud to have worked hard for the past four years within a constructive Council focused on revitalizing Fremantle and achieving good outcomes for our community.

Success stories I’ve contributed to while on council include:

  • Updated the Green Plan to increase parks, trees and green spaces in Fremantle
  • Simplified on street parking fees in the CBD and extended free parking
  • Created the Market Street Piazza (behind Ginos) and secured an upgrade of the High Street Mall
  • Set up the Walylup Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Arthurs Head
  • Initiated numerous place making, shared streets, bike and pedestrian improvements
  • Ensured the new Leighton Beach change rooms recycle grey water
  • Developed the Street Art Policy and helped make Fremantle a “Festival City”
  • Secured better development outcomes through the Planning Service Committee
  • Developed the Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy, the Climate Change Adaptation Plan, the latest Bike Plan and Economic Development Strategy and the 2015-20 Strategic Plan


Serving my community on Council has been a challenging but rewarding experience, particularly to see the progress our city is making.

I am grateful to be elected for a second term, in which I will work to:

  • Increase the amount of public open space and trees in Fremantle
  • Support our local economy and encourage new jobs, innovation, arts and local industry
  • Reduce the trucks on Hampton Road and Ord Street
  • Maintain opposition to the Perth Freight Link negatively impacting on Fremantle
  • Make Freo a more walkable, safe and inviting place for all
  • Ensure new parking facilities are built to accommodate the growth in the city
  • Change planning laws to enable affordable, diverse housing options including “tiny houses”
  • Improve service delivery, community engagement and transparency from Council

Please get in touch should you have any questions, concerns or issues of interest.