A step closer to small and diverse housing in Fremantle

dwelle-prefab-dwelleings-13The Freo Alternative has reached an important milestone. A draft scheme amendment and local planning policy for small infill housing will be considered by the Planning Committee on 7 June and Council on 28 June. This is the first step in the process for the next phase of community engagement. 

The amendment seeks to balance the need for greater housing diversity in Fremantle’s suburbs with ensuring the right type of new development within these areas. Themes which emerged in the first phase of engagement have been incorporated into the draft amendment and areas for further consideration have been been identified for the next phase of engagement. This includes the areas within the City of Fremantle where the policy would apply, the maximum size and number of dwellings on a development site  and mandating higher than standard sustainability requirements.

You can view the draft amendment and local planning policy on the council agendas and minutes page. You’re also welcome to attend the Planning Committee or Council meeting to ask a question, make a statement or simply observe. Find out how to get to the meeting and register for question time here.

If adopted by council, it will enable the City of Fremantle to request approval from the West Australian Planning Commission to advertise the draft policy for public comment.  

It is important that we get the provisions of the scheme right and also that we receive submissions in support of the initiative if you wish to see it go ahead. I encourage you to make sure a submission if you want it to proceed.
I also welcome any comments you may wish to send me directly on the matter.

We’ll update you on the next steps for the project when the outcome of this decision is known.

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3 thoughts on “A step closer to small and diverse housing in Fremantle

  1. There is a great need for a well managed and though out scheme for tiny house implementation within the fremantle community

  2. This is a great initiative. It’s particularly relevant in the residential areas originally designed for larger families. The populations have dropped over the years, and an injection of small housing will add a new dynamic.

    The real test of its success will be dependent upon the machinations of the implementing bureaucracy.

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