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A safer Hampton Road is a step closer

A container truck on Hampton Road at rush hour

A container truck on Hampton Road at rush hour

The City of Fremantle has made significant progress towards reducing truck traffic and speed on Hampton Road and Ord Street, but we need your help!

The classification of Hampton Road and Ord Street has been changed meaning traffic calming measures can now be implemented.

We have had approval for traffic calming platforms to be constructed at key pedestrian crossing points on Ord Street towards the end of the year.

We have also sought approval for the speed limit to be reduced to 50km an hour on Hampton Road and Ord Street from South Street to Queen Victoria Street, however this should be extended to include South Fremantle.

We have learned that public pressure helps achieve results.

PLEASE EMAIL THE TRANSPORT MINISTER to lend your support for a safer Hampton Road Minister.Marmion@dpc.wa.gov.au 

Writing a personal message to the Minister is most effective, you might like to mention that you support:

  • reducing the speed limit to 50km on Hampton Road
  • installing traffic calming devices and safer pedestrian crossing points on Hampton Road
  • encouraging trucks to use Stock Road rather than Hampton Road when traveling to the Fremantle Port


Further traffic calming devices can now be designed and constructed at other key crossing points along Hampton Road in the next financial year.

Council staff also met with local trucking companies to discuss these matters. Truck drivers indicated they take the fastest route available, so if Hampton Road is slower and less convenient, they will use Stock Road (unless servicing the local area).

Hampton Road is a busy road with many school crossings, shops, and cross streets. The volume and speed of traffic, including up to 220 trucks a day, poses a significant risk.

Help us reduce the speed limit and install traffic calming by emailing Minister.Marmion@dpc.wa.gov.au today.


  • UPDATE: I tabled a petition with over 350 signatures collected last year in support for reducing the truck traffic on Hampton Road. Council staff have used this in their discussions with Main Roads and truck companies – so thanks to everyone who signed the petition – it helped!

  • How about a round about ? …. I live on Stirling Street Fremantle.
    If you have ever turned left on to Stirling street from Hampton you will know what I mean when I say it doesn’t really make sense and needs to be corrected. It is dangerous and very difficult to see traffic when trying to turn right from Stirling St on to Hampton because of the hill and the fact that hardly any drivers pull fully into the turn lane. I can understand drivers confusion if you don’t use this road often, but I think Freo can do better.
    It is hard to explain without a visual aid, seeing for real is believing. If you are looking for a way to calm traffic, put in a round about, it will make the intersection I safer and might keep the trucks away too.

  • I think that large trucks only going to Fremantle port should be blocked from Hampton Road from South Street to Ord St.

    The 60km Per hour speed limit is absolutely fine as it’s a main road.

    There should be filter lights at Wray and Hampton Road intersection. People really do not know how to merge or to cross traffic on a green light at intersections. These are the things that make it dangerous.

    Traffic calming devices are terrible on cars suspension, I am dead against them.

    Speed does not kill, this mentality has to stop in Australia. The Autobahn is one of the safest and also fastest roads in the world and studies in the U.K and Germany showed that rather then bringing down the speed limits, propper driver education was the key.

    The purpose of main roads is to get places faster. Crossing Hampton Road is easy. I really don’t see the problem.

  • I agree that large container trucks should not be allowed to use Hampton Rd.

    I also agree that restricting speed by appropriately designed and constructed calming devices and speed limit reduction is a great idea – much safer for the large and increasing number of pedestrians and bike riders who use this area.

    The suggestion above of a roundabout at Stirling Ave or somehow improving the current situation there appears to have merit and should be investigated.

    The intersection of Wray Ave & Hampton Road is particularly confusing and dangerous for pedestrians and definitely needs to have something done. Some of the glaring shortcomings are:

    1. There are no dedicated pedestrian “walk” signals nor any priority given to pedestrians to allow them to commence crossing without traffic
    2. There are no corresponding audio signals to notify vision impaired users when is it safe to cross
    3. There are no signs alerting motorists that pedestrians may be crossing and that they should give way to pedestrians

    This intersection is hugely problematic for pedestrians because:
    1. It is very busy.
    2. Traffic is often going fast – especially along Hampton.
    3. There are numerous large container trucks and other heavy vehicles.
    4. The intersecting roads are not at ninety degrees, which makes it a noisy, confusing intersection.
    5. There are several ‘blind spots’ for pedestrians where it is almost impossible to see whether traffic may be turning across them while they attempt a crossing.
    6. Drivers turning from Hampton onto Wray (from either direction) are focussing on breaks in the traffic stream and not on pedestrians who may be trying to cross Wray at the same time.

    There are an increasing number of health related facilities and other shops/services at or close to this intersection that generate an increasing amount of foot and bike traffic including the Ellen Health centre, the new cafe, 2 physiotherapists, pathology service, the dentist practice, the hearing centre, chemist, pizza place, thai restaurant, Moondynes pub, yoga studio etc etc etc. Plus more cafes and speciality shops opening on the west end of Wray that also draw foot and bike traffic specifically through this intersection.

    In terms of traffic claiming devices I agree that they should be well designed and constructed – the new ones on Wray Ave itself are great and the new ones on East St effective. These are much preferable to those nasty rubber ones on Swanbourne Street!

  • Hampton Rd has become very dangerous particularly around the Stevens St & Alma St intersections where pedestrians and cyclists are trying to cross to access the primary school & East West link.

    I have witnessed many vehicles over time who are not prepared to wait behind turning cars and at speed, will overtake in the cycle lane or mount the kerb without concern for those on foot or cycling. Heavy vehicles only add further to this danger.

    Well done for alterations to the Ord St/Victoria St intersection making a right hand turn into Victoria St difficult or HGVs, I noted also the Main Rds inspectors’ crack down on the traffic bridge recently aimed at re-routing heavy vehicles.

  • I feel the full length of Hampton Road requires review and upgrading as the road layout has not been continuously modified to account for the increased volume of traffic or the types of vehicles using the road. There is not one single modification that will effect a significant improvement for the majority of road users, but rather multiple changes will have a cumulative effect greater than their sum. Some of the changes need only be minor e.g. increasing the length of time for pedestrians to cross at intersections controlled by lights, right turn green filter lights etc.

    The common objective is to calm the vehicle traffic along the full length of the road as this will benefit all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, and improve the environment for residents living on Hampton Rd.

    Being a main road the volume of traffic on Hampton Road will always be high and as housing densities increase south of Rockingham Road this will increase. So, modifications need to maintain flow, but reduce the risk factors and alter th0se characteristics of the road that encourage poor driver behaviour. E.g. the permanent bus lane from Douro Rd to South St, whilst efficient for the movement of buses is constantly abused by other drivers. Placing roll over traffic calming devices (speed humps) of suitable width in the bus lane would reduce misuse. The wheel track of the buses being wide enough to pass either side of the device only light vehicles need to slow to roll over the device. This allows traffic to pass, but reduces the temptation to misuse a `clear’ lane. Any actions (police spot checks) or modifications (calming devices) would be beneficial, but I feel a broader, more significant upgrade is required.

    My personal `ideal’ modifications would be for Hampton Road to be single lanes running north and south. The extra width reclaimed from the bus lanes used to create a central median strip, dedicated bus laybys and left and right turn filter lanes. Heavy trucks and container trucks to be excluded and only allowed for local access. The speed limit to be reduced to 50km/h.