Proposal for a Disability Liaison Group

Bill supports a Disability Reference Group in Fremantle

I have recently been discussing with senior staff a proposal to introduce a Disability Liasion  Group at the City of Fremantle.

The City of Fremantle currently has a Youth Network and a Reconciliation Reference Group to advise on specific topics, and it makes sense to also have a reference group advising and liaising with the City regarding the needs of people with a disability in our City.

The Disability Liaison Group would be made up of people with a disability, or perhaps disability advocates, who would advise the Council and City administration on issues affecting them. It would be a two-way flow of information where the City could get feedback on service or infrastructure plans and changes, and the Group could raise issues of concern or interest they would like the City to follow up. Continue reading

Pedestrian safety a priority

I’m a pedant for pedestrian safety and amenity.

During my last term on council, I managed to get pedestrian crossing signals installed at the corner of High Street and Ord Street, and the corner of Hampton Road and Wray Ave. At present, I am working to get pedestrian signals installed at the corner of South Street and Hampton Road, and also on Marine Terrace at the crossing to South Beach at Scott Street.

I have also been successful in getting two zebra crossings installed on Marine Terrace at the Esplanade Reserve. I am currently working to get a zebra crossing on Parry Street and the roundabout outside the Fremantle Markets and Fremantle Oval, and a resident also suggested a zebra crossing on Ord Street outside the Fremantle Arts Centre and Fremantle Leisure Centre, which I agree is a great idea. Continue reading

Clarifying Fremantle’s financial position

 Investment reserves

In 2012, the State Government was focused on local government amalgamations. Mel-mantle was on the cards via merging Fremantle with East Fremantle and Melville. Given the significantly higher population in Melville, the Fremantle Council was concerned that our reserve funds would be spent by a future council outside of Freo, largely made up of Melville representatives.

So, we created a number of new reserve funds, so that Fremantle’s cash reserves would be spent on the future needs of Fremantle residents. New reserves included: a Cantonment Hill fund, the Town Hall restoration fund, the Stan Reilly reserve, an Esplanade Skate Park (Playspaces) fund, the Leisure Centre Upgrade fund, and a Kings Square Improvements fund. This was in addition to the existing parking, heritage, Fremantle markets, parks and reserves, sustainability and investment reserves.

At the time, the reserves totaled around $27.5m. Of course, local government amalgamations were later abandoned, and we got on with renewing the centre of Fremantle. For example, since 2014 the council invested almost $10m in heritage renewal. Continue reading